Looking fabulous on your wedding day is one of the most important things for all grooms. We've come up with some ideas to make sure you look more dapper than ever walking down that aisle!

Check shirt A check shirt may be a staple piece of clothing for some men on their days off work, but these old reliable are evolving into one of the boho wedding must haves for men this season. Soft nudes and light earthy tones are what the boho theme is all about, so what could be more fitting than a beige and white check shirt for the groom or grooms to tie in with the theme? With their variety of colours and patterns, a check shirt is something to be considered for the non traditional couple. Still not sold? Think the "sexy lumberjack" and you'll be running down the aisle to see your man!

Quirky pocket squares Pocket squares are always a popular way to spruce a man's suit but why not think outside the box and find an original pocket square to make yourselves stand out. Have the wedding date embroidered on to the right hand corner or choose a print with patterns of your pet so they can be there in spirit. The possibilities are endless!

Tweed It may not be every man's fabric of choice for a wedding suit but tweed is a major trend this season for guys that are tying the knot. Brown toned tweed is the perfect way to introduce autumn winter elements into the grooms look. If a full tweed suit is a little too much to handle, why not add slight touches, like the waist coat of a three-piece or in a pocket square.

Braces Autumn is one of two seasons where we can dare to risk leaving off an extra layer on account of the weather. With the busy flow to a wedding day, it's best to feel cool and collected and for a groom or both grooms, saying "I do" minus a suit jacket is the best thing for it. Braces are a long time friend of the suit and if leaving the jacket behind, a good set of braces will do just the trick in keeping the groom formal yet comfortable on the day. Tie the colour in with the theme or let each groom use this as an opportunity to express his own personal style when choosing the colour or pattern.

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