An exceptional engagement leads to an adventure of a lifetime

An exceptional engagement leads to an adventure of a lifetime

Julita Mowinska and Tara Woods 

Photographs courtesy of Keith Gordon Photography 

By John Harty 

Having met eight years ago while working together, both Tara Woods and Julita Mowinska knowing the time was right to affirm their love, made their proposal to each other in a breath-takingly romantic way by sneaking off to Southern France to have an elope proposal with just the two of them. 

The dazzling duo dated for eight years before mutually agreeing to get engaged and have the proposal in Monaco in France where it was just the two them together and an amazing romantic backdrop. 

“We took off to the south of France without telling anybody. We brought our engagement rings with us and got engaged above Monaco where Grace Kelly and Cary Grant had their picnic in to catch a Thief.” Tara elaborates, adding even more romance to the scene. 

Wedding Details 

Following the passionate proposal, the now engaged pair chose May 24, 2018 to be their wedding date. Their venue for the big day was the Marine Hotel Sutton located in Dublin with Anthony Colton from Spiritual Ceremonies officiating the ceremony. 

“The location of our wedding had an amazing view of Dublin Bay and nearby Howth.” Tara describes the beauty of their venue. 

The ladies elegant and entrancing bridal dresses were gotten from the Bridal Studio located in Drogheda, Co. Louth. The look was then completed by Lorna Davis and Reita Muldoon, who did the girls hair, and Oliwia Mowinska , Tammy Murtagh and Ciara McCarron, who did the make-up for them. 

The captivating flowers for the day were done by Wall Flowers of Monasterboice, Co. Louth and the cake crafted exquisitely by Amazing Cakes in Bray, Co. Dublin. 

For music, the couple hired wedding band Uptown who played the hopelessly romantic ‘Tenerife Sea’ by Ed Sheeran during the newly-weds first dance, making the magical moment even more special. 

Photos for the special day were captured wonderfully by Keith Gordon Photography and the videographer for the day was Castadiva Wedding Photography and Film, creating a heart-warming film of the day that the couple are sure to cherish forever. 

Special Touches 

The ceremony for the wedding was given a traditional Celtic spin that their guest won’t forget anytime soon, with a delightful ring warming ceremony followed by the girls symbolising their union through the old Celtic tradition of hand-fasting, literally tying the knot. 

For the cake topper, the girls took inspiration from their pet cats Max and Holly, with it being two brides and two cats. Further the girls gave their amazing day another unique spin by naming the tables for the reception after all the places they’ve visited around the world. 

Favourite Memories 

“Connie, Ciara and Caroline from Marine Hotel looked after us and our guests so well on our big day.” Tara explains, having had such amazing day that choosing a favourite memory was nearly impossible, instead Tara was just extremely grateful to those who made the big day possible. 

Finally, after the day was over, the girls flew off together for their honeymoon where they spent a week in Santa Monica, then drove along the coast to San Francisco and followed this by flying across to New York, an amazing adventure to start off their adventure of marriage together. 

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