Arriving in style

Arriving in style

By Ann Cronin 

Your chosen mode of transport can set the tone for your entire wedding, but with so many options available to you it can be hard to know what to choose so we’ve compiled a few of our most loved motor options to give you some wedding transport inspo. 


Vintage cars 

Vintage transport is traditional but super classy and there’s a reason it’s a timeless wedding choice. To ensure class and maintain authentic wedding vibes, opt for a vintage vehicle for your big day.  


Princess perfection  

For those who have dreamed of having a fairy-tale wedding since they were kids, a horse-drawn cart or carriage is the only way to go. Live like every Disney princess has and opt for this regal like way of getting from A to B on your day.  


Bus or coach 

It may not sound glamorous, but choosing a mode of transport that can carry some of your guests as well will be much appreciated. You can opt for themed or vintage style buses too, so there are plenty of options available to you. 


Luxury limo 

There’s a limit to how many excuses one can have to hire a limo and not be considered OTT, so don’t have any qualms when it comes to splurging on the most luxurious mode of transport for your big day if that’s how you and your partner want to arrive. 


Party bus 

If you want your wedding to be received as one giant party, the natural addition is a bus for all of your nearest and dearests that allows the celebrations to continue even when you’re on the move.  


Unique wheels 

If your wedding is themed in any way, add to the flair with a quirky and relevant mode of transport too. A decked out vintage yellow cab, golf cart or even a tandem bike can be unique and entertaining choices – but we don’t advise that last one if you’re wearing a full-length dress! 


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