Ask the Expert: Daragh Doyle – Rainbow Weddings

Ask the Expert: Daragh Doyle – Rainbow Weddings

Why should a perspective client choose Rainbow Weddings to plan their wedding?

Wedding planning is not like an occupation or going to work for me. I love doing it and I’m passionate about it. I love to see everything come together on the wedding day as you develop a relationship with a couple having spent a lot of time planning the day.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction seeing a couple so happy on their big day. I give a promise to all my couples that I will do everything possible to make this wedding day the best day of their lives.

Why did you become a Wedding Planner?

I have always had a big passion for organising events, I always loved organising work nights out, nights out and weekends away with friends and family party’s.

When I got married myself I loved every minute of organising the wedding. That gave me the inspiration to give up a 20-year career in insurance claims to start my own business.

The strong negotiation skills I developed during my insurance career have stood me in good stead when getting couples the best deals with wedding service providers.

Why is Rainbow Weddings specialising in LGBT weddings?

If you google any wedding planners you will come with a host of websites that primarily talk about bride and groom couples, and then they will have section on LGBT weddings.

I’m doing the opposite to that as I feel there is a need for it. I met a woman at Dublin pride recently who said to me it’s about time we have a wedding planner specialising in LGBT weddings.

There can be some subtle differences with LGBT weddings, for example we unfortunately have some venues and service providers who will not provide services to the LGBT couples, while Ireland has come a long way we’re not there yet.

I do of course also love to do Bride & Groom weddings, and I very much welcome bride and groom couples at Rainbow Weddings.

What is the best time of year to have a wedding?

I think that very much depends on the preference of a couple. Some couples like summer weddings, others like that rustic winter feel.

I got married in late October and it was the most beautiful summers day. The only time I would really rule out is early January until early March. The post-Christmas and New Year period when weather conditions can pose a lot of problems.

In your mind, what makes a good wedding?

Firstly, a ceremony which is full of meaning for the couple, and one which they have a very significant input into.

A lot of LGBT couples are now opting for Spiritualist and Humanist ceremony’s, which allow the couple to develop a ceremony which really represents them as a couple.

I always encourage the couple to make a dramatic entrance to the reception, dance in to your favourite upbeat song, it really gets the crowd and the atmosphere going.

Always make sure that the venue staff are instructed to ensure that wine glasses are topped up during the meal, there is nothing worse than guests being left with an empty glass.

A really good DJ. I always say to couples – do you really need a band? A really good DJ can be just as effective and it can represent a significant saving on the budget.

Some fun technology can also add a lot of fun to the day, Rainbow Weddings has some very exciting wedding technology coming soon!

What kind of services do you offer?

I offer full wedding planning, which will deal with all aspects of wedding from start to finish, often up to the day after party.

This includes booking the ceremony venue, the reception venue, the celebrant, the band, the photographer, the videographer, and much more.

I also offer wedding co-ordination services where I come on board six weeks before the wedding and take over management of all service providers and provide day of co-ordination.

It’s often the small details that can go wrong on a wedding day. A wedding planner is there to ensure that does not happen. Services providers will not let a wedding planner down as their reputation in the industry is at stake.

Tell us about wedding destinations that are available if a client books you.

I offer a wide variety of venue options. I offer exclusive private venues, castle, barn, rustic hotels and glamping venues in Ireland.

There is a venue and a wedding theme to suit every need within my portfolio. When I have my initial meeting with a couple I gage their requirements and match them to one of Rainbow weddings exclusive venues. I have an excellent relationship with the venues which ultimately benefits the couple.

Rainbow Weddings also offers an exclusive wine package featuring three white and three red signature wines, which is extremely competitive when compared to venue wines.

We also offer a range of other services such as wedding cakes and wedding packages to the city that never sleeps, New York.

What is the most unique wedding you ever planned? 

To be honest the weddings I have done so far have been very traditional as that is what the couples have wanted.

Perhaps sometimes people have a perception that LGBT weddings can be very camp or outrageous. This has not been my experience so far, but i would love to do something outrageous having said that!

Daragh recently did an interview with Highland Radio which can be accessed through Irish LGBT Weddings Souncloud via the following link:

Contact Details:
Daragh Doyle
Phone: 086 8398152
Email: [email protected]

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