Five minutes with the Castleknock Hotel

Five minutes with the Castleknock Hotel

Is the wedding suite included in the total cost of the wedding?

Yes it is, for the night of the wedding.

Does your venue have
special facilities for children to play?

We have a leisure centre and outdoor playground. Additional
facilities can be organised upon request .

Is it possible to
re-arrange the wedding room/venue to a potential client's liking?


Does your venue have
a cancellation policy?

Yes, we have. Our policy is that deposits are non-refundable.

How many people can your venue accommodate?

We can accommodate up to 300 people. 

What makes the
Castleknock Hotel & Country Club special as a wedding venue?

It's an award winning property in a stunning country
location. The room decor is stunning and the staff are highly professional and

The packages on offer are creative to offer a unique
experience such as Winter Wonderland and our premium spring/summer option. The
hotel's reputation as a wedding venue and civil ceremony venue is unrivaled.

It's close proximity to the Phoenix Park, Farmleigh and the
Strawberry Beds also make it an enchanting location for photographs.

Contact info for your
wedding coordinator and hotel

Lorraine Coyle

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (01) 640 6309




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