How to match your wedding style

How to match your wedding style

By Rachel Butler 

For same sex couples, the expectations of what to wear on your wedding day are pretty straightforward, the woman wears a dress and the man wears a suit. However, when you are a same sex couple it can be slightly more difficult to have a cohesive combined look when it comes to both outfits. You have more flexibility and freedom in some ways, because nobody has specific expectations of your outfits, so use this to your advantage and create an amazing look that you’ll love for your special day. In this piece, we’ll be giving you some tips on how to match your wedding style for your LGBT wedding day.  

A simple way is to have a colour in common. If you’re a lesbian couple and one of you wants to wear a dress and the other wants to wear a suit then having accessories that are the same colour can add a simple but effective touch that ties the looks together. An extension of this would be to both wear pastel colours, which don’t have to necessarily be the same colour but just from the same colour palette. An example of this would be one of you wearing a pastel pink and the other wearing a lilac, which is always a beautiful combination. This would be especially stunning for a summer wedding. Or for two grooms maybe the same suit could be an idea?  

This can also work for dresses, if you both like the style of the same dress then wearing it in different but similar colours, gives you both individuality but looks put together at the same time.  

Of course, you could always wear the exact same suit or dress to be matchy matchy if you can both agree! If you both want to wear different styles and colours you could definitely do this, while fitting the theme of both of your outfits into the theme of your wedding, for example having different dresses but both of them have boho chic vibes.  

One of you could wear a stunning dress while the other sports a well-tailored suit for an almost traditional look. Or for the boys, one could wear casual gear and the other formal attire. 

If you want a bridal, feminine look but don’t feel comfortable in a dress, then try a jumpsuit. They are stunning and so comfortable.  

Matching your accessories is another way to be individual, yet cohesive. If you and your partner are both wearing the same suit, one of you could have a dickie bow, and the other have a tie or slightly different pocket squares. 

For same sex brides, you don’t have to fear that one bride will have a show stopping gorgeous gown and the other will have a slightly more muted, understated look. If you both choose the same silhouette for your dresses even if they are different colours it will ensure that there’s enough limelight for the both of you. For grooms, opting for the same simple black suit with each of you having a different but stunning print for your blazers is a great way to achieve that “same but different” look. 

No matter what you choose, being comfortable in what you wear is the most important thing and as long as you and your partner love your outfits that’s all that matters.  

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