How to save for your big day

How to save for your big day

You dont have to spend loads of money
You dont need a flash and fancy wedding for it to be a good one. If you are surrounded by friends and family and people that love you the day should be great without splashing out on non essentials. As long as everyone is happy, thats all that matters.

Budget, budget, budget
Before you spend and money, make out a plan of how much you are willing to spend on everything. This allows you to keep control of everything and it means that you can make sure you wont go over the budget.

Everyday Savings
Everyday savings could be easier than you think, and could surprisingly build up quickly. Cutting back on the amount of times you go out for coffee during the week, or how frequently you go to the cinema could make a really big difference in the amount of money you have leading up to your big day. If you have a coffee habit why not cut back and keep a jar to put the money you would have been spending into it? Less coffee also means less stained teeth! Its a win, win! 

Shop around
Dont hire or book the first venue or entertainer or anything you look at. Just because they seem to be the most popular or someone suggested them/it to you, that does not necessarily mean they will be the cheapest, or the best! Make sure to shop around and look for the best deals. You might be surprised with some of the deals you can find if you do your research!

The date
Not everyone will know this but the date of your wedding does have an impact on the price. The date you have set for your wedding will have a massive impact on what the venue for your reception is going to charge you. If you choose a weekday your costs will be cut, but of course, not all of your guests will be able to attend during the week, so keep that in mind. Photographers and florists might also give you a discount if your wedding day is mid week. 

The Venue
You do not have to pick the most popular venue. Look into all possible venues for your big day, not just the ones you have already heard of. This will give you an opportunity to find a place you might not have heard of before that may suit your tastes and offer a better wedding package. 

Second Hand Dresses & Suits
Pre loved wedding dresses can be the perfect way to save money on your wedding day. Available at a fraction of the price than new gowns, second hand dresses can be re designed to create your dream dress. If you are not going for something too extravagant, this could very well be the best option for you. A second hand dress is guaranteed to be a lot cheaper than a first hand one, and can be very easy to find if you want to go for something plain and simple. 
Renting suits instead of buying can also be a big save on the day. Suit hire businesses specialise in grooms wear pieces so make use of your local suit hire and rent one for the fraction of the price of buying!

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