Let’s Get Quirky

Let’s Get Quirky

By Sarah McBrien 

Many modern couples are choosing to do away with traditional wedding themes in lieu of their favourite movies, books or music. These themes are deeply personal as they represent a big part of your childhoods or relationship together. It can be hard to incorporate such themes without losing the romance and formality of the day, so to help here’s a few examples of how to include our favourite alternative wedding themes into your nuptials. We’ve given a subtle and obvious option for each so you can decide just how involved you want the theme to be in your day. 



Harry Potter 

sparkle wedding photos for evening weddings

Subtle: Have your wedding bands stored in a golden snitch ring box for when you and your partner say your vows. Only the two of you, and your best man and maid of honour, will see this little detailbut for real Potterheads, it’ll make all the difference. 

Obvious: Wand wedding favours are a fun gift to leave your guests with and are sure to delight everyone as you cast spells on one another during the reception. 



Star Wars 

Lightsaber Bouquet #StarWarsWedding #NerdWedding #GeekWedding

Subtle: Stormtrooper cufflinks make a delicate detail that only you and your groom will likely know are there but are a bit of fun for anyone whonotices. 

Obvious: Go for broke with a light sabre guard of honour when you leave your ceremony. This fun nod to Star Wars will delight your guests and make an amazing photo op for you to look back on. 




Enchanted rose centerpieces, inspired by "Beauty and the Beast" | Marianne + Joe of Marianne Wilson Photography

Subtle: Include the words “Happily Ever After” in your wedding vows to reference your shared love of the animated classics. This quintessential line captures the romance and whimsy of the day and would certainly not be out of place during your ceremony. 

Obvious: Beauty and the Beast’s rose in a bell jar makes a stunning table centrepiece if you want your love for this iconic Disney romance to be shared with all your guests. 



The Wizard of Oz 

Hand painted yellow brick road aisle runner. Custom brick at end with wedding date Lauren's Wizard of Oz themed wedding. Wedding Dress and bridesmaids' corsets by Castle Corsetry hearted <3

Subtle: Add a little Dorothy glamour, and a pop of colour, by pairing some ruby slippers with your wedding dress. There’s no need for them to look the same as the originals, any good pair of red heels will capture the feel and fun your looking for as you ‘click’ the night away.  

Obvious: Instead of a white or red carpet, make a yellow brick road for your aisle. This whimsical touch will look fab in pictures and will really add a touch of personality to your ceremony. 

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