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Why have a winter wedding?

Why have a winter wedding?

White wedding 

If you're lucky enough to get a bit of snow on your wedding day, then you will have the perfect scene for your wedding album. It would look beautiful and you will be so delighted with the end result.    

Everything is earlier 

You'll get less sunlight in the evening which isn't necessarily a selling point of the winter season, on the other hand you'll get to start the party that bit earlier which means you get longer to enjoy it. Also, the light at dusk could make for a magical photo opportunity.    

Save a bit of money 

A lot of suppliers would give discounts in the winter time so tap into that. Some suppliers are super busy all year round but certainly shop around to see who would do you guys a good deal in the months like January and February, especially if you are going for a weekday wedding.  

More availability   

You have a much better chance of getting the venue of your dreams during winter simply because there is less demand. It is also much more acceptable to have a midweek wedding during the winter as people will find it easier to get off work, provided it's not too close to Christmas.    

Seasonal party 

If you have your wedding in mid November or late January your day will be anticipated greatly by your guests. Chances are that most of your guests won't have too many huge events like a wedding in between summer and winter and if you have it in late January it will give people time to recover from Christmas.    

Honeymoon goals 

You will get much better honeymoon rates in Winter than you would at other times of the year. Resorts will be less crowded with families because there will be no school holidays and everything will be generally cheaper, flights, accommodation, everything!

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