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Winter wedding trends

Winter wedding trends

Winter is finally upon us and if you're planning a winter wedding, we have been keeping up to date on all the latest trends and have made a list of all our favourite ones just for you!

Velvet shoes and accessories   
People thought the velvet trend died in the '90s were definitely wrong, it's the perfect material for winter wedding accessories especially in dark colours such as maroon, plum and navy. Bold colours are big in winter weddings as they warm up your look.    

Non-floral centrepieces   
Candelabras with fairy lights hanging off them and even potted plants have reached the centre of wedding tables across the world this year. Alternative centrepieces look just fantastic and the couple can choose exactly how they would like them. Floral pieces are slightly outdated and even when they are used they are usually changed up a little bit from the norm. This trend is defintiely going to keep going strong this year. You could also mix floral pieces with other centrepieces to make it look authentic and different.    

Naked cakes   
These exquisite creations have definitely gained traction among engaged couples the world over. They are fantastic, rustic looking cakes usually topped with decadent fruit or flowers to make them look elegant. They are basically cakes that have not been iced on the outside, they look stunning and are still uncommon enough that they would stand out as different for your wedding.   

Action shots   
More and more couples are choosing to have the photographer take pictures that tell a story. Gone are the days of the classic wedding photos, it's popular to have your photographer capture really personal moments, like the first time your parents see you in your outfit. These are the pictures that tell a story and it is definitely a great trend to be part of.   

Just the highlights   
Having the videographer cut all of the footage into one  small video is becoming a huge trend for weddings. We live in an age where everything is so easily accessible and shareable that couples often choose an easy to share version of their wedding video with just the best bits of the day. This gives the guests a chance to relive the day without watching the entire thing again.  

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