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Do it yourself

Do it yourself

It’s great when couples do bits and pieces for their wedding themselves, it saves money and it can actually be super fun. LGBT couples have taking the wedding world by storm with some innovative ideas on how to make your wedding day your own. We love these unique DIY bits that LGBT couples all over the world have tried out.

Pride flags
These are probably the simplest and most meaningful things you can make yourself for your LGBT wedding. The pride flag means so much to the LGBT community and it can be nice to add it in as a decoration or even as favours for your guests. You could also place them in your floral arrangements or bouquets/buttonholes to show a bit of extra pride.

Ceremony decorations
Most couples leave their ceremony decorations quite minimal so this won’t be too difficult or time consuming to do yourself.  You could go simple with cute ribbons on the sides of the pews or some home made signs that tell your guests where to sit. Rustic chic is definitely in for 2017 and doing some of your decorations yourself is definitely a step in that direction.

A lot of couples choose to design their own invitations and some go the whole hog and print them/put them together themselves. While we do admire these couples, we wonder where they get all the time! Weddings are stressful so even just putting your own stamp on an invitation before sending it off to the printers is a great DIY project. There are so many options when it comes to invitations so take your time and get some inspo from great sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Wedding favours
If your guestlist isn’t insanely long, this can be a great excuse to personalise your favours. The possibilities are endless when it comes to favours and it’s completely up to you what you choose. A nice homemade jam could be a great thing to give your guests or even a handwritten thank you note or poem could be fabulous. Once your guests can tell that you put effort into making it personal they will love whatever you give them.

Bouquets & Buttonholes
We love when brides and grooms create their own bouquets and buttonholes. If you use faux flowers you can make them well in advance and have them ready as well as being able to keep them after your big day. Another option would be to talk to your florist about preserving the flowers and take some of their tips for putting together the bouquet and buttonholes. Remember, they are the professionals and you don’t want your flowers to fall apart on the day.

Table names
DIY table names can look fabulous on the day, the add a personal touch to your tables and they are relatively simple to make. You only have to come up with a design for one table and replicate it on the rest, unless you want to change it up throughout the room. You can name your tables anything your heart desires, from your favourite Disney films to the your favourite soccer players, so go mad and have fun naming them all.  

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