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Five Minutes with the Tullamore Court Hotel

Five Minutes with the Tullamore Court Hotel

What makes the Tullamore Court Hotel special as a wedding venue

The highly acclaimed wedding advisers with over 20 years experience that help create memorable weddings. We also have our very own private garden decorated with fairy lights, ensuring a beautiful focal point throughout the evening. 

How many people can your venue accommodate

We can accommodate from 50 to 350 people. 

Do you offer deals at off peak times of the week and year?

We have a midweek wedding package from €47.50.

Is there enough room within the wedding venue to incorporate extras like candy carts or photo booths etc?

Yes, it is a very spacious venue. 

Do you offer pre-and post-wedding packages

We do. 

Is there a late bar? If so what time does it close and does it cost extra

Indeed, there is. The late bar is part of all our wedding packages.

Does your venue have special facilities for children to play?

Depending on availability within the hotel. 

Is it possible to hold the ceremony at the venue?

Of course. 

Contact info for your wedding coordinator and hotel 

Email: [email protected] 


057 9346666 


https://www.instagram.com/tullamorecourthotel/?hl=en https://twitter.com/Court_Hotel  

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