Questions to Ask Your Suppliers

Questions to Ask Your Suppliers

Your Entertainer
How long will they play for? 
Do they need a meal on the day?
Do they have a versatile playlist? 
How long do they take to set up? 
How much space will they need?
Do they have a demo cd or can you see their work via youtube?

Your Florist
How far will they travel? 
Do they have any examples to show you?
How experienced are they?
Is there an extra cost for breakages?
When will they want to be paid?
Will the person you've talked to actually do the flowers themselves?

Your Venue
Will there be other weddings on the same day?
Will your wedding party be offered accommodation discounts?
Is it easy to find? 
Will you be allowed to move furniture around?
Is the price within your budget?
Would you be allowed to have a late bar and how much if so?

Your photographer
How long will they stay for?
How much experience do you have with weddings?
When will you get your pictures?
Will they post an online gallery?
How do their fees work out?
When will they want to be paid?
How many pictures will they take?
Will they visit the venue beforehand?

Your cake maker
Can they show you examples of their work?
When will they want to be paid?
Can you sample their cakes before ordering one?
Can you have mixed flavoured layers?
Will they come to the venue to assemble the cake on the day?

Your dressmaker/boutique
How long do you need to order your dress?
How long will your appointment be?
How many people can you bring with you?
Is there a limit to how many dresses you can try on?
How much will the alterations cost?
How many fittings will you have?

Suit shop/Tailor
How long beforehand should you order the suit?
How long will the alterations take?
How much will the suit cost?
Are there any complementary extras (Ties, socks, etc.) 
How many fittings should you have?

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