Say yes to the dress(es)

Say yes to the dress(es)

By Rachel Butler

Even though weddings have been postponed across the country, it doesn’t mean that you and your bride to be have to stop planning your dream day. In this piece, we explore the newest trends when it comes to wedding dresses for 2020 and beyond.

First up we have the balloon sleeve trend. Even though this is an 80’s trend, don’t let that put you off from giving this a go for your big day. We have learned from mistakes of the past and instead of these sleeves being heavy and overpowering, they are making a comeback and are a gorgeous way of bringing a floaty effortless chic look to your dress. This trend has seen a comeback on both the runway and the high street.

Second, we have feathers! I know you may be thinking that feathers on a wedding dress may be a bit out there and futuristic, but the truth is they are becoming quite mainstream when it comes to brides picking their dresses these days. Adding different textures such as feathers adds another dimension to your dress and if you want to add a bit of flair and wow factor without taking it too far, then feathers are a perfect idea.

Next is a fairly unique style of dress that not every bride may feel comfortable with, but is absolutely gorgeous and that is a short/knee length dress. These can be a nod to vintage fashion, so if that’s your style then a short dress may be perfect for you. With a more relaxed vibe to them, these are perfect for a city wedding or a wedding in the summer in a hot location when you don’t want to be sweltering under layers of fabric.

A trend which seems to be a timeless classic that brides reach for again and again is the off the shoulder look. It is the ideal neckline for a summer wedding, it shows off just the right amount of skin to feel beautiful on your big day. This neckline is also very feminine and flattering on all women. If you have a very girly style then this trend may be for you.

Last but by no means lest is a trend that is fairly modern on the wedding scene and it is the top and skirt combo instead of going with the traditional dress. This is a really easy and achievable way of making your outfit different from other brides, without pushing the boat out too much or going too far out of your comfort zone. There is also that mix n match appeal, which gives you the opportunity to completely personalise your outfit.


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