Sean Mills and John Gavin

Sean Mills and John Gavin

29th August, 2014

VENUE Absolute Hotel, Limerick

CAKE They had a two tier cake, bottom tier was Belgian chocolate biscuit cake and the top tier was chocolate fudge cake. They also had personalised cake toppers that were dressed like them. The cake was made by Confetti Cakes. “The cake was delicious”

PHOTOGRAPHER John McGarry Photography

FAVOURITE MOMENTS OF THE DAY John’s niece, Katie Slattery, did a contemporary dance for them to John Legend’s ‘All of Me.’ Also, it was the first time that they got to meet Sean’s niece, Ellis Eleanor Mills, who’s living in England and was born in April. The couple enjoyed being with their friends and family and having them there to share their special day

QUIRKY BITS Sean chose to have an entrance song – ‘How long Will I love you?’ by Ellie Goulding and an exit song by Diana Ross ‘I’m Coming Out’ which was very fitting and everybody loved it!

VIDEO They showed a video montage of pictures of them both growing up and their lives together organised by Damien Hickey.

PERSONAL TOUCHES “I know that speeches get done at weddings but up to the very day of the wedding, John was not too sure if he was doing a speech and what he was going to say! He had hoped to have a few moments to write a few points down but this did not happen. So he winged it and was very funny,” says Sean. Also goodie bags for the children and disposable cameras on the table

WOULD YOU DO IT ALL AGAIN? “Most definitely,” says Sean

HONEYMOON USA for three weeks: Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Francisco

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