She wears the pants

She wears the pants

For the contemporary bride, standing out on her big day and expressing her personality through what she wears is a must. Not all brides-to-be dream of a fitted mermaid gown or draping silk dress to wear on their wedding day and luckily, there is a super sleek alternative; the suit! It’s a classic alternative to the traditional wedding dress and you will undoubtedly be comfortable!

Over the past couple of years we have seen this trend emerging more and more and we have to say that we are loving it! One of our favourites was Ellen De Generes’. She wore a beautiful three piece, white, pants, vest and blouse combo and she looked amazing! Whether you decide to rock a tailored suit or opt for something more casual we have a few tips to help you rock a suit on your wedding day.

Choose a suit based on how it fits your shoulders. There’s nothing worse than a suit that’s too tight or too big, you want it to be perfect on your big day. The best way make sure it fits right, other than how it feels, is to look at how it sits on your shoulders. If it looks too tight, try the next size up and vice-versa.

If you feel a suit jacket will hide your figure, try finding a peplum style jacket. They’re super stylish and will give an hour glass effect, showing off your waist.

Pants or skirt? If you want to wear a suit but aren’t sure about wearing pants, why not look at wearing a skirt? It can be loose or tight fitting, whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Work it! You are about to wed the love of your life so feeling and looking confident is the most important part of all. We have no doubt you will look amazing on your wedding day, you just have to believe it yourself! 🙂

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