Some of our favourite wedding trends

Some of our favourite wedding trends
Suit Up! 
For many women, trousers win over a dress any day so why should your wedding day be any different? Tailored bridal suits were a major trend for 2015 and we can only see this trend becoming more and more popular. To read our latest blog post about this, click here : . So, for those of you who rather a tapered leg to tulle skirts, you are in luck!Bridal suits add a sophisticated and modern edge to your bridal look and can be found in a style to suit every shape. You can also pop to the ladies room without the assistance of a designated dress holder. Bonus!
Personalised wedding favours
Sometimes, it is the little things that matter most on your wedding day. Everyone loves a good sweet cart but why not add personalised goodie bags for your friends and famliy to load the sweets into. From personalised jam jars to painted clothes pegs on your seating plan, these little touche can really make the day yours.
New themes on the block
Themed weddings are always fabulous and in recent times, there has been a super amount of boho, vintage and urban chic weddings. These alternative weddings have been taking the wedding industry by storm with couples opting for a less traditional, more modern take on their wedding, to suit their own personalities. Outdoor ceremonies and beach weddings are also on the rise but with Irelands weather never being quite so sure of itself, you may want to keep an eye on the forecast before taking the plunge and going outdoors!
Recreate your parents wedding photos
It is a privilege to have your parents attending your wedding day or to fondly remember those who have passed, so why not commemorate them by recreating their wedding photos on the day (minus the bad ,mullet and ruffles! lol) 

Colour Pop
Navy, black and grey wedding suits are always a classic wedding look for the grooms however, the more vibrant groom will be delighted to know that colours are just as fab and are a huge trend. From cerise pinks to pastel purples, coloured wedding attire is perfect for expressing your personality.

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