Staying warm on your big day

Staying warm on your big day

Winter weddings are some of the most beautiful of the year, the crisp, bright daylight makes for stunning photo opportunities and the cold weather makes it much more acceptable to snuggle up to your brand-new hubby/wife. Sadly the downside is the temperature, you don’t want to miss out on the fun of the day because you’re shaking and you certainly don’t want to be uncomfortable on your big day! We have some ideas that might help keep you and your guests cosy for the day that’s in it.


If you’re cold, the first place you’ll feel it is your fingers. You won’t want shaky hands to take away from your special day. A pair of elegant gloves will add a certain regality to your wedding look and they can be removed for some pictures. Overall gloves are much more stylish than blue fingers. Another way to incorporate gloves into the wedding is to offer them to guests as wedding favours, you could have them monogrammed as a memento of your

Hot drinks

Hot chocolate with marshmallows or a mulled wine will go down a treat with guests on a winters day, so why not serve these beverages as part of your drinks reception before your meal. You could have them served alongside some warm winter themed canapes, especially if your wedding is before Christmas Day.

Tropical props

If you don’t feel like playing on the Christmas theme you could always have some summery bits and pieces to take your guests’ minds off of the cold. A photobooth with a tropical background could give your guests a great laugh and could make for some hilarious wedding day moments.

Choose the right venue

Venues with lots of glass walls or windows will feel cold on the day, try choosing a venue with lots of carpet and a warm light backdrop will keep you and your guests nice and cosy for the evening that’s in it.

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