Stylish samaritans Zoe and Elaine’s wondrous wedding

Stylish samaritans Zoe and Elaine’s wondrous wedding


Zoe Hughes and Elaine Edmonds

November 25, 2017 – The Morrison Hotel

Photographs courtesy of Elisha Clarke Photography  

No good deed goes unrewarded, this is something both Zoe and Elaine learned after meeting each other while volunteering with Trinity College for St. Vincent de Paul’s society. After knowing each other for several months and a few missed signals on Zoe’s part, the pair confirmed their infatuation with each other while on a society weekend away to Kilkenny and they soon began dating.

After spending eight happy years together and Elaine planning to travel to China, Zoe made a decision to propose to the woman of her dreams before she left, planning a picnic in Kilkenny where they had first cemented their love for each other.

“I was so nervous and quiet on the drive, and it turns out afterwards Elaine thought I was dragging her the whole way to Kilkenny to break up with her before she left!” Zoe recalled. However, to Elaine’s relief and delightful surprise Zoe proposed and she immediately said yes.

Wedding Details

For the wedding attire on the day, Berketex Bridal provided a dress for Elaine that she felt completely got her desired style down. The bridesmaid’s each had a unique dress to suit their different styles and were designed and made by the very talented Kate from Kates Atelier.

The Morrison Hotel in Dublin was chosen as their wedding venue and ticked all the boxes for the girls’ dream day. Their celebrant Emma Sides from the Irish Humanist Society was also fantastic, bringing some humour and emotion to their ceremony.

The couple were delighted with their videographer- Little Bear Films, citing it as one of the best decisions they made during the wedding. The atmosphere of the wedding was helped along by the sultry vintage vibe of Truly DiVine, a Dublin based Jazz singer.

Flowers were designed by Adonis Flowers who “knocked it out of the park” according to the couple and the cake was done by one of their very talented bridesmaid Sinead of Crowe’s Cakes.

Special Touches

Both loving fashion and style, the girls started collecting various items and objects ranging from old lampshades to vintage style artwork of their favourite shows and books to make décor that would bring a unique and stylish look to their wedding.

One of the dazzling duo’s favourite décor for the wedding that Zoe made herself was the cake table, or as she called it the “tart bar”, which was made from old records and a kit bought off Wish.

Favourite Memories

With it being such an amazing day for the ladies, choosing a favourite moment is difficult. However, the pair did take special note of walking around Dublin City before the ceremony to get the wedding photos taken, with an overwhelming positive response from random pedestrians who saw them and took the time to compliment the soon to be married lovers.

This magic moment was only followed by another one, with the couple stopping for a drink at Pantibar after getting the photos taken, with the bar having special meaning to them as one of their first ever dates was at a Panti show.

When asked what advice they’d give to other same-sex couples tying the knot, the wise wives had this to say, “Honestly, just be true to who you are, as individuals and as a couple. We are so lucky to have supportive families who were super excited to share the day with us. A lot of our community don’t but remember that the people who are there love you”.

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