Your ultimate Jamaican honeymoon guide

Your ultimate Jamaican honeymoon guide

The Jamaica Honeymoon Guide 

By Niamh Hanlon  



If you and your partner are a bit on the adventurous side and share a love for travelling and experiencing new culture, then why not consider going to Jamaica for your honeymoon. Jamaica is rich in culture and people in high spirits. Immerse yourself in the and fuelled by reggae. There a few things to consider before deciding on Jamaica for your honey moon holiday. Blue Hole, Jamaica 


The tropical warm weather makes this country irresistible. The stunning sun is not over powering as the cool Caribbean wind will keep you happy and allows you to enjoy all the rum and Rastafarian goodness. The average temperature is around 29 degrees celsius. Guatape, Colombia #travelsouthamericaguide


Jamaica is famous for its stunning white sandy beaches that go on for miles and its breath-taking landscape. The country is a lively one, fully of fun and music, rich with their unique culture. It is the perfect place to relax or to be lively and dance to music. Famed for its Caribbean cuisine, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing what and where to eat. Let your taste-buds run wild and experience all the different flavours of the island, drink milk from a coconut or even try rum from a coconut! Jamaica is not only famous for its jerk chicken or beef patties, it is also renowned for its tasty fruit and fresh veg.  Bucket list Alert! Reach Falls in Port Antonio, Jamaica

What to do  

You won’t be short of entertainment in Jamaica, go to street shows or live performances, get up and have a dance yourself. Go rafting down the famous Martha Brae river and be amazed y the breath-taking surroundings. Choose from a wide and wild range of water sports and activities. If you and your partner are feeling adventurous, go scuba diving or go hiking the blue mountains, see the beautiful island for what it is. Dive in the blue lagoon. Go bobsledding the mountains, yes bobsledding along the mountains is actually a thing.  Lucea - Grand Palladium Jamaica Tours


Doctors recommend getting the Hepatitis A vaccine as well as the typhoid vaccine. These are just precautionary vaccines that you have to get when travelling to many tropical countries. Getting vaccines may require a little extra planning and care. person riding airplane photography


The best time to book your flights would be from early October to early January. Flight prices average from about 550 to 700. Flights can become cheaper if you book through a travel agents, keep an eye online as often throughout the year travel agencies do deals for couples.  

Top 10 things to do in Jamaica 

 Diving off Ricks Cafe’s cliffs 

Go Swimming with horses 

Hiking in The Blue Mountains 

Try the best Jerk Chicken in its home 

Swim in the glistening waters of the Luminous Lagoon 

Visit Bob Marley’s legacy in the Bob Marley Museum 

Swim with dolphins at the Dolphin Cove 

Climb the Dunn’s River Falls 

Go rafting on Rio Grande or Martha Brae 

Visit the Rose Hall Great House 

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