7 Personalised Wedding Gifts for that Special Day

7 Personalised Wedding Gifts for that Special Day

Want to make your wedding gift personal and wondering what to get for the happy couple on their wedding day? We have come up with seven ideas for that personal touch in a gift.

1: Hers and Hers / His and His Glasses

Why not keep it simple with a set of engraved matching glasses as a simple and cost-effective gift? It is a personal gift and one that every couple would cherish. Completely old-fashioned and classic.

2: Matching Luggage Tags

Matching Luggage tags are a lovely gift to give the couple as they embark on their honeymoon. They would double up as a gift that would be used and a keepsake from all the journeys that the couple takes over the years.

3: Personalised Pillow Cases

Whether it’s Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs, who doesn’t love a set of personalised pillow cases. A simple gift, yes, but a lovely gesture to remind the couple, if they needed it, that they are joined to each other forever!

4: Couple Caricature

If the lovebirds have a good sense of humour, this could be the perfect little present. How far you go with this is completely up to you. An artist could be commissioned to produce it or there are many online generators that can do the job for you. Either way, it’s sure to give the couple a big laugh.

5: LEGO Architecture Skyline Model

A bit off centre as a gift but perfect keep sake of a meaningful place It is a special gift for the pair building a life together. A reminder of their first holiday, honeymoon or even a place that is on the travel wish list.

6: Wedding Newspaper Front Page

A truly novel gift. A personalised spoof newspaper front page with a witty headline can help make a private joke between yourself and the couple last forever.

7: Train Ticket Travel & Love Forever Personalised Framed Poster
 How about this truly unique poster as a wedding gift? Write the couple’s names, number of children if they have any and their wedding date and get it printed and framed. A perfect keepsake for a couple from their perfect day.

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