A Surprise Prom Proposal 

A Surprise Prom Proposal 


After matching on Tinder in 2018, it only took two weeks for Sarah and Katie to meet in person on Kilkee Beach, Co. Clare.  “The connection was instant and after a couple more dates on October 24th I asked Sarah to be my girlfriend. 


Sarah and Katie only lived 20 minutes apart from each other but these two had never crossed paths. Sarah has been working on cruise ships as a beauty therapist for a couple of years and Katie had been away in Dubai for five years working as an Air Hostess for Emirates so their paths never crossed until now.  


On their sixth month anniversary, Sarah, knowing she had found the love of her life, asked Katie to move in with her. Katie knew Sarah was her forever and she found herself in a jewellers in Dublin a month later choosing an engagement ring.  


But Katie had a specific kind of proposal in mind.  


I had known how I would propose from the very first date when Sarah had mentioned that she had never been to her Debs and it was a regret of hers. I spoke to her parents to ask permission and told them about my plan. I then made up invitations. I got decorations made up with Class of 2005 as that was the year of her Debs. I also got corsages for all the ladies and I booked a band to play music from those years. The hardest part was keeping it a secret from her as we live in a small town but everyone managed to keep the surprise. She had no idea. I had told her we were going to a friends 30th birthday party and I even got my friend to send her an invitation (it was black tie themed so that’s how I got her to wear a formal dress). 


Katie had everything planned to a tee and it wasn’t long before the night arrived.  

On the night we arrived at the venue and when we walked through the door all our family and friends were gathered around with their cameras and I then took the mic and gave a speech and asked her to marry me and she said Yes.” 


Two weeks after the proposal on December 4th, Katie and Sarah were in Galway for Sarah’s annual family trip to the Christmas markets. That night on the Ferris wheel we paused at the top and admired the view from the VIP carriage of our favourite city. As I looked at the amazing view I said to Sarah if you were ever looking for a perfect moment to propose it would be this. I turned to look at her she was down on one knee asking me to marry her which I, of course, said YES.  


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