An unexpected snowfall didn’t stop Victoria and Sarah from saying ‘I do’

An unexpected snowfall didn’t stop Victoria and Sarah from saying ‘I do’


Victoria Meade and Sarah O’ Brien

April 13, 2018 – Knightsbrook Hotel Trim

Photographs courtesy of PS PhotographyDublin

Having met after a walk in the park with old friends, Victoria and Sarah started dating within a few months of knowing each and after a year together, hopelessly enamoured with her dream woman, Sarah surprised Victoria with a proposal made for the movies.

The setting for the proposal couldn’t have been any more romantic, with Sarah popping the question to Victoria during a picnic in Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow, where the couple were listening to music under a tree. Victoria immediately accepted and they both eagerly began planning their wedding soon after.

Initially the brides were planning to hold their wedding in March, however the night before the big day, Ireland was hit with its worst snowstorm in 36 years. Thinking of their guests and wedding supplier’s safety, the pair decided to push their wedding date back a month, a decision that duo would be thankful they made when they were finally able to have their dream day on April 13, 2018.

“We wanted a perfect day and to go ahead with it would have not been perfect for us,” Victoria explained about her and her future wife’s decision to move the wedding date.

After cancelling their original date, the couple with huge help from the Knightsbrook Hotel’s wedding team began quickly rearranging their wedding for the next month, an obstacle that Sarah and Victoria overcame with their determination and hard work, ensuring that the second time around, their wedding plan went off perfectly and smoothly.

Wedding Details

Sarah and Victoria got their wonderful wedding dresses from Dublin Bridal House, Rathfarnham, while their bridesmaids got their stunning dresses from Caris Closet located in Dublin. The girls dazzling look on the day was completed by friends Rebecca Noonan, who did their flawless make-up and Denise Bray, who was their hair stylist for the day.

The couple hired PS photography, Co. Dublin and videographer, Ronan Quinn to capture all the magical moments throughout the day, encapsulating their perfect wedding day and all the magical moments within it into photos and videos they’ll look back on in years to come to remind them that not even snow storms could stop them from confirming their love for each other.

With music being a big part of the proposal, there was no doubt that it would be an important aspect of their wedding as well, hiring professional wedding singer Sonya Grimes to play for the ceremony and the wedding band, the Favours to get their guests up and dancing afterwards.

Favourite Memories

From their brilliant bridesmaids Norma, Amy, Sue and Keira to Victoria’s nephew Jordan who kept the ring safe at all times, the pair couldn’t possibly choose one moment from the day that wasn’t as perfect as the others. “Every part of the day was our favourite from start to finish. Finally, we could call each other ‘wife’ and we were so proud”. Victoria recalled of her magical day.

Special Touches

What really completed this tenacious team’s special day was their special guest, their five-day old nephew Ollie, who made an appearance during the wedding to wish them a happy future together, something that would not have been possible had the wedding not been pushed back.

A unique spin on the name-changing tradition the couple went with was to combine both their last names, with their maiden names changing from O’ Brien and Meade to O’ Meade.

Now finally married to the love of her life despite the snowy obstacle that tried to stop them from having the perfect wedding, Victoria gave a piece of advice to other couples who are planning to get married.

“If we had any advice for future LGBT couples getting married it would just be relax and enjoy the build-up and don’t stress. It’s your day so it’ll be perfect no matter what. And whatever you do. Take fifteen minutes alone on the day to be together and take it all in for a few minutes. It really is special, two brides or two grooms it doesn’t matter, it’s a marriage. It’s your wedding. It’s all about love!” Victoria explained, offering the wisdom she’s acquired since getting married.


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