Ask the Expert – Charmin Eletrik of La Revue Cabaret Show

Ask the Expert – Charmin Eletrik of La Revue Cabaret Show

Tell us what does La Revue do? ​Entertain! We make your party! Basically, we are a cabaret show that performs and supplies all the fun and comedy for your hen party. We are a rotating cast of three queens in each show, so you get a great mix of singing, celebrity impersonations and parodies! It’s a lot of fun and something really unique for a hen party.

Where did the idea for the business come from?
 ​Well we were doing the show as part of the weekly line-up in Dignity Bar in Waterford. It was myself, Diva and Ivanna who were originally on the show and for some reason the mix of performances worked so I made it the main headline show of the week where Joanna came on board. After Dignity shut its doors, we had hen parties booked in so we moved to Revolution in Waterford and have been there for the for nearly four years.

Why should a prospective client book La Revue Cabaret Show?
 ​Why shouldn’t they! We are the only show like this in the country, so straight away we are something that hasn’t been done at every party like your cocktail classes. As well as our weekly show in Waterford, we travel the show to other locations so regardless where you are we can bring all the fun and glitter to you.

What kind of packages do you offer?
 We have two shows currently on the go! We have our cabaret show which can have the inclusion of one of our strippers, that’s our VIP upgrade and we also throw some champagne in there also! As well as that, we have the UK Pleasure Boys show which features myself and two Pleasure Boys who will give you a Full Monty experience like no other! Along with all that we can make up packages ready for every hen party all over Ireland that can include the show or not, but of course you want to include it!! We are also available to host your party. We go in with a ready-made show of games to get everyone warmed up and laughing with some performances included.

What advice would give on hens embarking on their party?
  Plan ahead.  The one thing we hear all the time is “Oh I have ages yet”, when in simple fact you don’t. Booking ahead not only gets you a good price but it also gives your party time to save In your experience.

What are the key things that make a hen party special?
 ​ FUN! Make it fun! Everyone knows a hen weekend away should have lots of laughs and fun so focus on that. Also include things that you know the hen will love, this is her weekend so worry about her!

Anything else you want to add?
 ​ Make sure you follow our Facebook page and check out the packages we can offer! All our parties are open to everyone.

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