Booking Your Photographer: What You Need to Ask

Booking Your Photographer: What You Need to Ask

By Sarah McBrien 

The pictures from your wedding will be treasured for the rest of your lives together, so it’s really important you have the perfect photographer to capture your day. It can be hard to find a photographer if you don’t know much about the industry, so we’ve put together a master list of questions to ask to know if a photographer is the right person for your day. 

Are you available on my wedding date? – The most obvious first question, if a photographer is already booked on your day you can strike them off the list immediately. If you had your heart totally set on their work, ask them for recommendations of other vendors who do similar work as they will have the best idea of what’s available in the local industry. 

How many weddings have you shot? – This question will give you an idea of their experience. Most photographers have solid online presences through personal websites showcasing their work and social media. You’ll have an idea of how experienced they are with shooting weddings from your own research but it’s good to hear a photographer’s response to this question to gauge their confidence. If you want to see more, be sure to ask how you can view a full portfolio of their work. 

How would you describe your photography style? – Again, you’ll have an idea of this from seeing their work but talk to the photographer about your theme and how you want your wedding portrayed through the photographs. If your vision and their skills match up, great! If not, you’ll both realise it pretty quickly and you’ll know you’re not right for one another. 

Have you ever shot weddings at my venue? – This is a big one, and one of the many perks of booking a local photographer. If they have already taken pictures at your venue, they’ll know all the dreamy scenic spots, areas of natural light and angles to really show off your day. Of course, it’s not essential for them to have worked at your venue before, but it will help make the photoshoot part of the day run smoother. 

What is included in your packages? – Another vital question, be sure get a breakdown of their costs, what’s included and how many hours of coverage you will get. Add-ons like engagement shoots and wedding albums are usually extra but some photographers include them so it’s good to find out. Also, some photographers work with assistants or another photographer which can lead to additional charges. Ask about their policies regarding their associates on the day; if they cost extra and what they can add to the result. 

How long will it take to receive the images? – It can take months to receive the final prints as photographers work hard to retouch and edit photographs so everything looks seamless and professional. You’ll want to see the results as soon as you can so having an idea of how long you’ll be waiting will give you peace of mind and an answer to questions from guests and your wedding party about when they’ll be ready. 




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