How to Incorporate the rainbow colours into your wedding

How to Incorporate the rainbow colours into your wedding

How to Incorporate the rainbow colours into your wedding  

By Rachel Butler 

Your big day is approaching quickly and you’re wondering how you can honour our special rainbow colours! Whether it’s in a subtle or obvious way there are endless options when it comes to adding colour to your day.  


One of the most obvious ways is in your clothing, for wedding dresses you could go completely nontraditional and wear a dress with all colours of the rainbow or if you wanted to be a bit more understated you could have streaks of colour at the bottom of the dress, they could even be light beautiful pastel colours which would be noticeable but not overpowering.



For same sex male couples, you could both have matching handkerchiefs with rainbow colours on them as part of your suits or even rainbow cufflinks which would be simple yet stylish and still making a statement.  


Of course, the rainbow cake is something which is not specific to LGBTQ weddings and is well known worldwide but just because of this reason don’t automatically overlook the idea for the fear of being “basic”. The rainbow cake is much loved for a reason and having that as your wedding cake is a cute and simple way of bringing the rainbow colours into your special day.



Flowers are an extremely important aspect of every wedding and for your big day you could arrange to have a vibrant flower for every colour of the rainbow that complement each other to make a stunning and eye catching boquet or centrepieces. 



Having a sweet trolley is something that has become very popular at weddings in the past number of years and if this is to your taste you could consider having a rainbow themed sweet trolley. Similar to the flowers, a sweet for every colour of the rainbow will give a beautiful finishing touch to your trolley and an LGBT twist to the traditional sweet trolley.  


Every wedding has to have a seating plan and a very simple and subtle way of making the rainbow colours a part of your day is having every table a different colour of the rainbow with a tablecloth for that specific colour and then the top table having a full rainbow coloured tablecloth to tie it all together. 


Some couples like to have quotes on plaques around their venue and if this is something that you and your partner would be interested in then you could have rainbow themed quotes, something like “thank you for being my rainbow after the storm”  


If you’re going to have bridesmaids/groomsmen at your wedding you could ask each of them to wear a different colour dress/suit for every colour of the rainbow to make a bold and loud statement.  


Lastly, having rainbow coloured lights shining on you and your new life partner as you share your first dance as a married couple on the dancefloor would be a really easy and subtle yet profound way of sharing your love together under the colours that represent you best.  

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