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Traditional weddings are typically held within the bride’s home area. For LGBT couples, choosing a venue may be more difficult as there are more options when there are two brides/or grooms concerned. If you and your fiance are from different counties/countries, it can be a challenging decision to make. Here we outline some of the things you can keep in mind when choosing a location.


Do you want a wedding or a marriage? A marriage means that sometimes sacrifice will have to be made to ensure the
happiness of your new spouse. However, this doesn’t mean you should let your wedding dreams be completely dashed! You may find other ways of including different themes into one wedding.

For example, if you hope to get married near the sea, but your partner wants a chic ceremony in the city, there may be a possibility of taking your vows near the sea and travelling to a nearby city to enjoy your reception. This depends on the distance of course!

If the perfect location cannot be found to suit both partners, a compromise might be to let one person choose the location and the other person select a different aspect of the wedding they care about, e.g. the cake.

2. Have an open mind when it comes to choosing your location.

You have fantasised about your special day since well, forever. Think you have the perfect location already? You might be pleasantly surprised to find what shopping around can offer.

Your engagement is the perfect opportunity to explore the various locations and venues. Visiting these venues together is a perfect way to discuss and find out what both of you want for your wedding. Visiting venues also offers the opportunity of meeting their wedding co-ordinator who can be of great assistance and offer valuable information to enhance your big day.

Who knows, you might find the perfect location where you least expect it!

Consider how much travelling your loved ones will have to endure to make it to your special day.

The presence of your families and loved ones at your wedding adds a special touch to your day. When choosing your location, bear in mind that your guests may have to travel a long distance. This is important if you are inviting elderly people or guests with young children who might have to be entertained throughout a long journey. Organising transport home after the reception can be difficult if it is a long distance, which can prevent your guests from relaxing and enjoying your day to the full. Despite this, some travelling will always be necessary and it is impossible to please everyone.

Choosing your location may be one of the ultimate
decisions in your overall wedding plan, but is the personal touches added by
you that ensure you have the time of your life whatever the location!

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