Packing for your honeymoon

Packing for your honeymoon

By Ann Cronin 

We bet you’re counting down the hours until you can jet off on you romantic post-wedding getaway. Here are out packing tips and tricks to ensure you are well prepared for your heavenly honeymoon adventures. 

Get organised 

Lists are the easiest way of keeping on top of everything you need for your big day. You and your partner should each create a list of everything you need for your adventure, containing everything from passports to socks. As a side note to this, you can create a list of items you don’t have and need to purchase prior the trip. Retain these lists for when you’re packing for your return so you can both be sure you are bringing back everything you brought with you. 


Cross reference your itinerary 

Look at each individual activity or event you have planned and ensure you have attire suited for it. If you and your partner are planning on doing an exotic hiking excursion, comfortable footwear and exercise clothes are a must. Swimwear and beach clothes are essentials for sun holidays, while occasion-wear may be required if you’re planning any nights out or evening events.  


Climate preperation 

Ensure you’ve packed all you will want and need for the weather you’re travelling to. Sun holidays should have sun cream, sunglasses, sun hats and light clothing as priority. Ski breaks or winter getaways may require snow-proof clothing or even specialised sports gear. Have a look at the climate your venturing out to and ensure you’ve attire and gear suited for it. 


Easily forgotten essentials 

Don’t forget your basic essentials that will be needed abroad. These can include travel documents, money, cash cards, medication and any tickets or booking confirmations for activities and events you’re attending abroad. Perhaps not an essential as such, but your make-up bag, hair care tools and other grooming items you use daily should also be taken into account.

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