Pretty Pearls

Pretty Pearls

By Niamh Hanlon 

Nothing says elegance like a timeless pearl, this is the perfect stone to incorporate into your summer wedding. The pearl is said to symbolise the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer, in other words the pearl symbolises every characteristic of the perfect bride. Here we have put together some great ways of incorporating a perfect pearl into your look. 


The dress  

Wedding gowns ooze elegance and can come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Whether you’re head to toe in lace or gliding in silk, pearl embellishment can be added to your look to add that extra bit of charm. Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding dress and there is no better way to add that timeless flare then a few pearls. One of our favourite ways to incorporate pearls into your wedding dress look is to pin pearls to your gown in the form of a broach or have an aisle of pearl buttons on the back of your dress. This is considered a very royal and contemporary style, perfect for brides after a more traditional look.  

The décor  

Pearls can play a role in the décor of your wedding also. Fill up vases with pearls and use them to hold flowers in place for a stunning centrepiece idea. Place some loose pearls between candles and vases to give a very glamorous look. Hang a string of pearls along with some drapes or the wall hanging to add to the fairy tale wedding day look.  

The bouquet  

Spruce up your wedding bouquet and add something to make your fab flowers stand out and add some pearls and some baby breath to give a very authentic look. Why not allow some hanging pearls off your bouquet to add a little vintage flare!  

The accessories  

Last but not least, of course, the accessories. There is no better way to add that elegant touch like a little pearl earring or evening drop pearl earrings.something new and wear a pearl headband or a stunning pearl slide. Pearls can also be worn in your veil, scattered pearls or a lining of pearls adds a subtle yet stunning effect to your bridal veil. 

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