Relax and unwind with your fiancée

Relax and unwind with your fiancée

By Ann Cronin 


As the wedding comes closer, it can be harder to escape the stress that planning your perfect day can bring. If you and your partner are starting to feel the pressure, here are some ways in which the two of you can relax and unwind with one another throughout the wedding planning process. 


Date night 

What could be better for getting those happy hormones in strong supply than a few romantic date nights? Going out for a meal or drinks, cooking a home-made dinner for your beloved or even just going to see a movie or show together are all great releases throughout wedding planning, and can be great for reminding you what all this stress is for. 


Get active 

Exercise can work wonders in both getting your mind off of stressful situations as well as ensuring both you and your partner feel your best for the upcoming wedding. That doesn’t mean the both of you need to be running mini-marathons regularly, just start partaking in simple activity such as a romantic walks, yoga sessions, joining an exercise class together or even taking up dance lessons in preparation for the wedding day.  


Couples spa treatments 

What can be better for easing tension than a luxurious pamper session? You and your partner can indulge in couple’s spa treatment, massages or even a break away in a leisure centre and thermal suite. Regular pampering sessions are ideal for releasing all that pre-wedding stress that’s building up. 


Duvet days  

When things are getting on top of you, sometimes the best thing you can do is have a duvet day with your partner and just take it easy. Whether both of you want to take the same day off work or dedicate a Sunday to one another’s company, have a day that involves relaxing in your PJs, watching movies and indulging in breakfast in bed to ensure nerves are brought to a minimum. 


Family fun  

One of the mains points of the big white wedding is the unionising of two families, and with that in mind it’s natural that spending time with family is a great way of bring your and your partner back down to earth. Try organise a dinner or day-out for both families and yourselves in the lead up to the wedding to help everyone bond and relieve stress. You can cater this towards your own living situation, so that if you have a groups of friends whom you consider to be family, they can be involved instead. 



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