Sustainable swaps for your Wedding Day

Sustainable swaps for your Wedding Day

 By Rachel Butler  

When it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect and of course your wedding dress is no exception. As more of us are living sustainably and becoming more conscious of our contribution to the environment, you may be left wondering how you can obtain the wedding dress look of your dreams without the guilt of supporting fast fashion. These are some earth-friendly choices you can make when it comes to your fashion, without compromising your style.  

The first and one of the most obvious ways to turn to is vintage fashion. The idea of wearing a dress that already has its own story and history attached to it is something quite beautiful and you can bring that magic to your own wedding day. There is romance attached to these pieces, and you can be completely satisfied with your purchase, as you are breathing life into a much-loved garment and making an ethical decision that ultimately benefits everyone. You can also be quietly smug in knowing that your dress is a complete one of a kind. Dirty Fabulous in Monaghan ( has a stunning collection, as well as Jenny Vander in Dublin (@jennyvandervintage). Bella Blue in Cork City has plenty of vintage dresses, so you’ll be spoilt for choice there.   

Vintage may not be for everyone and if that’s the case, then research sustainable brands such as The Reformation ( They specialise in making sustainable and eco-friendly garments. If you make a purchase from here, they will provide you with specific details about your dress such as the waste savings made on it and so on.  

When you think about all the hassle that goes in to finding a dress that you will only wear once for a few hours and never again, you may find yourself wanting to borrow or rent a dress. This doesn’t mean you have to text your bestie who got married last week and ask to borrow her dress, but there are places that allow you to hire absolutely stunning dresses. in Dublin is just one example of a place that has high-quality designer dresses for half the price that you can rent for your special day.  

Then of course, there are the charity shops. We are blessed here in Ireland to have so many amazing charity shops, where you can find high end, designer pieces for a bargain price, plus you have peace of mind knowing that your money is going to help a worthy charity. A lot of wedding dresses that may have just been used as sample dresses, or worn just once are kindly donated to shops every day. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you choose to get your dress from a charity shop! Sometimes the items are even brand new and have never been worn, score! Barnardos even have bridal rooms in some of their shops, making it easier for you to find your special gems.


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