Tips for choosing the perfect first dance song  

Tips for choosing the perfect first dance song  

By Ann Cronin  

Make a short-list You and your partner should have a chat between you to bring forward your suggestions or ideas. Make a list of all the songs which each of you would like to be considered or think would suit your day. You can then have a look at all your options and see if there’s one you both agree on to suit your special day. 


Sentimental significance If there’s any song which holds particular sentimental meaning in your relationship then it should definitely be considered.  It can be a shared beloved tune or one which you think represents your relationship well. Look into the genre and lyrics of different song choices to choose one which suits your unique love story.  


Unique or traditional A good first step in choosing your ideal first dance song is deciding what kind of vibe you want the tune to create. Are you looking to opt for some classic wedding dance favourites, jammed with romantic metaphors a waltzing melodies? Or are you thinking about something more upbeat that escapes constraints and has everyone on their feet and enjoying themselves? 


Ambiance and atmosphere  

Your song reflects the overall ambiance of your day so put thought into what you would like it to represent. If you’re looking for a day focused on your romance and the love story you and your partner have shared, a classic loved-up tune is always best. However, if you’re treating your wedding as one massive party, a more lively number might suit the tone better. 


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