Wedding Favour Ideas for the LGBT Couple

Wedding Favour Ideas for the LGBT Couple

If you want to be even more stressed as you plan your wedding, look no further than organising wedding favours! For those of you who haven’t a clue what wedding favours are, they are a small gift or token for your guests to say thank you for coming to the wedding and supporting you through a journey that may have brought out the best and understandably, the worst in you! Wedding favours are by no means compulsory, but can add another special touch to your big day.

We have put together many different ideas for you to compare and adopt to your own specific tastes and personalities. Ideas that range from sweet treats to alternative DIY projects to give wedding favours an alternative twist.

Donation to Charity

Guests may not always take much notice of wedding favours. To avoid seeing your favours being left on tables, why not make a thoughtful gesture to a charity. Some charities send out personalised cards that state your donation, which you can then place on your tables of your guests. If you or your partner has been directly affected by a particular charity, this can be a very special and meaningful acknowledgement to make on your wedding day.

Mini Hangover Kit

These wedding favours are taking the internet by storm! Two painkillers, a packet of chewing gum/mints, vitamin C supplement in sachets, mini bottle of water, and a small packet of Alka Seltzer popped into a bag or tin will definitely be appreciated by your guests the next morning.

Pot of Gold (At the end of the rainbow!)

For the couples who would love to incorporate rainbow colours into their wedding theme, this idea works a treat. Fill small plastic cups with chocolate coins (these will be your pot o’ gold), then use different coloured pipe cleaners to create ‘rainbow’ handles for the cups.

Lotto Tickets/Scratch Cards

Place them in a decorated envelope or card, it could have you and your fiance’s names and the date of your wedding perhaps. This will make the lotto tickets more visually appealing and help you to keep your favours in check with your overall wedding theme!

Personalised Playing Cards

A deck of playing cards is an ideal wedding favour for the classiest of weddings. This favour can be personalised with the couple’s names etc. printed on the deck, and would be ideal for a Casino themed wedding.

Tuxedo Strawberries

Strawberries can be decorated with dark and white chocolate to resemble mini tuxedos or mini wedding dresses. Tasty and beautiful to look at!

Shot Glasses

“We tied a knot, now you can have a shot.” Get the party started for your guests by ordering shot glasses with a special message printed on them.

“The Perfect Match”

Matches arean all-round classic wedding favour, and it’s easy to see why. Practical, dainty and ready to order, match boxes can be personalised into every wedding theme with whatever details you want. Your names, the date and special moments can be printed on your very own match box.

Low Cost Wedding Favours

Plant seeds

Buy plant seeds in bulk, then distribute a small amount of seeds into little bags/envelopes etc. Write a quirky pun like “Watch Our Love Grow” on the bags and there you have it, plant seed wedding favours for your guests to plant and remember for a long time after your wedding.

After meal mints

Exactly what it says on the tin, guests will appreciate a mint after a large meal. You can go about this in many ways, if you buy your mints in bulk you can distribute 1-2 mints in little boxes/tins/bags.


Ideal for Summer Weddings! You can buy sunglasses in Penney’s for as little as €1.50. Put them on display in a box or tray, get a piece of card and write a message that directs your guests to take them!


Simply distribute Ferrero Rocher sweets (or any sweets of your choice) on to every person’s seating place on each table.


Buy a large bag of quality grounded coffee, (Bewley’s blend of coffee is popular) and distribute enough for one cup into little brown bags decorated however you like. Wrap them up with a little bit of string or ribbon and you have a rustic party favour.


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