What kind of wedding film is right for you? 

What kind of wedding film is right for you? 

By Ann Cronin 

 With growing popularity in unique wedding videographers and films, there is a massive variety in styles and themes of wedding videos that can make it hard to know what you want for your day. We’ve broken down each kind of videography style and aesthetic to help you decide what kind of videography is perfect for capturing your dream day.   



This is inspired by what wedding videos originated as – a video tape showing footage of the wedding day from start to finish with little or no editing. If you simply want your wedding video to portray the day as it was from beginning to end and serve as a flashback for years to come, this is the choice for you.  



Filmed and edited like a movie, this style is centred on capturing the emotions and sentiments of the day. Often adopting techniques such as montages and slow motion, this style creates a block buster movie aura around your big day and ensures you will look back at it as a record-breaking day.  



This film type documents your day as it happened in linear format and often including interviews with the bride and groom, the wedding party, family members and even guests. Also known as journalistic style, it involves a large amount of editing and structure but provides a unique look back into the reality of the day, the emotions and feelings that were present and the thoughts of all of your guests. 


Short form 

This style has become very popular in recent years as it captures the highlights of the day in a shorter and more quick-paced format. Ideal for looking back on if you wish to relive the most significant moments of the day, this film speaks volume in emotive significance but in a condensed delivery. Many videographers will be open to creating both a short form film as well as a more full length video of the day if you wish to do so.  



If you’re easily won over by artsy and unique wedding pics on Pinterest, you will probably like this style of wedding video. This is all about creating something unique and individual with special effects, filters and alternative editing techniques and it ensures your video stands out from all the others. You can work with the videographer to create a piece of film which is beautiful, unique and aesthetically captivating if you opt for an artsy wedding video.  



Adopt the classic and vintage look and have you wedding video capture your day as if it was from yesteryear. Usually availing of filters such as black & white or sepia, this production will resemble that of which your parents or grandparents wedding videos would have looked – but hopefully with improved quality! The vintage videography aesthetic is elegant, rustic and undeniably beautiful as keepsake of your special day. 



If you want your love story to be portrayed as a fairy-tale this may be the option for you. As the name would suggest, this film style can depict your whole love story from the start by including narrative or interviews about how you first met, the proposal and everything else significant coming up to the wedding, as well as documenting the day itself.  



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