What to wear on your big day

What to wear on your big day

LGBT couples seem to have broken the mould on a lot of wedding related things, specifically what to wear on the special day. There are loads and loads of options to choose from with the emergence of new clothing
lines targeted at LGBT brides and grooms. These are some of our favourite ideas.

For the brides

Bridal Jumpsuit

This is by no means a new trend, yet it’s still unique enough that a lot of your guests won’t have seen it before. We love the idea of combining a the delicate materials that are normally associated with bridal wear with a structure jumpsuit that is both extremely flattering and unique.

Dresses with a difference

This one is quite broad and a lot of people choose to go with it for this exact reason. Get a dress that’s any colour but white, you could even wear a dark coloured dress and have all your bridesmaids dress in white which would look very cool in your wedding album. Another option would be a trendy short dress, I’m not suggesting a super mini dress, but if you channel your inner sixties goddess you’ll have the look down.

Bridal pant suit

A crisp white pant suit with legs that taper in at the bottom could be the ultimate outfit to wear to your wedding. You could even throw in a colourful shirt or tie to complete the look and amaze your guests. If you want to coordinate your outfit with your bride without giving too much away, this could be perfect. Just have someone make sure you don’t wear the same colour shirt or tie as each other.

For the grooms

Check shirt

There might not be a lot you can do to get out of wearing a suit, but you could always mix it up a little. It’s certainly a bold move and it would fit really well into a boho wedding. Beige and cream earthy tones would be a nice combination of colour for a check shirt and you could keep it classy with a structured suit or you could wear it under a tweed waistcoat to keep the boho vibe up.


These are super cool and ideal if you’re wearing a bow tie, they always look good with a bow tie. You can wear these as part of a simple black suit or you could change the colour to mix things up a bit and add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Trendy pocket squares

Make your suit stand out with a cool designed pocket square. There are really quirky ones out there and it could be a nice way to include something you love and are passionate about into your wedding day. You could have the wedding date embroidered onto it or you could have paw prints on it as a way of including your fluffy friend in your day. The possibilities are endless.

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