Winter wedding favours

Winter wedding favours

Unique Christmas tree ornament

This is a great one for future Christmases, give your guests an engraved Christmas decoration that they can hang up for years to come and be reminded of your wonderful day. It’s a very personal gift so if you are inviting guests that wouldn’t cherish it as much as others maybe you could opt for something else on those tables. Either way it’s a lovely memento.


You’ll definitely be popular with your guests with this one. It’s bound to be chilly on a winters day so it shows that you care about their needs and want everybody to have a great time, also they are super cute and can be cheap to buy in bulk. It’s a win-win really. Get them monogrammed with you and your intended’s initials and everyone will be

Pinecone fire starters

These are absolutely adorable and relatively inexpensive to make. You just coat pinecones in beeswax and put them in individual boxes for your guests with a cheesy love quote like ‘let our love warm your heart’. This will definitely be appreciated during the winter.

Mini bottles of drinks

The adults at your wedding will definitely appreciate this one. You could go with baileys with a sachet of hot chocolate or coffee it would be delicious the day after the wedding and it would definitely help cure the hangover from the wedding.

Gingerbread biscuits

This is a super cute idea, have mini gingerbread men in suits or dresses at every place setting they will make a fab pre-dinner nibble for your guests and they stay with the gorgeous wintry theme.

White chocolate cake pops

This is a definite winner, guests will love the cute idea behind it and the fact that it looks like a snowball will make it
even better. You could have them coated in sugar crystals as well giving it a glassy, icy effect. Either way they will definitely go down a treat and they will be small enough that your guests won’t be too full to enjoy the meal.

Snow globes 

Snow globes are extremely popular and cheap to have made.  You could even go DIY with them if you felt like it. You could put a small figurine of a couple getting married inside surrounded with glitter and fake snow. It is bound to be a crowd pleaser and a proper keepsake from your fantastic day.

Candy canes 

This is a big one, who doesn’t love a candy cane at Christmas? It’s the perfect favour and it will give your table settings a pop of colour when your guests first walk into the room.

Assorted Christmas sweets 

This one’s for the DIY brides, just get a load of cute mason jars and fill them with sweets you associate with Christmas. Those big boxes of roses and quality streets that are on sale around Christmas will come in very handy for this and make everything inexpensive yet still cute. You could have your printers make labels for your jars to make it extra personal.

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